Juggling competing demands in small business and wearing multiple hats can be difficult. This service is specifically for small businesses seeking accessible and practical injury management, return to work and rehabilitation advice without trawling through acts, legislation and websites.

Everyday Ajenda is passionate about providing 'real time' support to small businesses whether that's understanding what to do when a workplace injury occurs, lodging claims, interpreting medical information, how to manage injuries or illness unrelated to the work environment and how to support your people to recover while still getting on with business.

Everyday Ajenda helps you to manage your people with confidence.


Injury Management Team Coaching is a staff development support service that compliments your rehabilitation and return to work service delivery.

The service is focused on up skilling teams through coaching and mentoring to navigate complex injury management, challenging workplace cultures, managing difficult conversations, building stakeholder relationships (operational, medical networks and insurers) to achieve positive health outcomes, managing service delivery (internal / external) and holistic case management.

This service empowers teams to think outside the box, promotes early intervention and challenges the "cookie cutter" administrative claims management approach.




A tailored service used to provide supervisors and managers with practical strategies in dealing with a range of people management challenges in the workplace.

This service allows managers to work one on one or in teams to workshop their concerns and develop clear, realistic and practical strategies to deal with people management challenges including:

  • Managing staff with mental health issues in the workplace

  • Balancing performance management and injury or illness

  • Return to work processes and responsibilities

  • Navigating reasonable adjustment and workplace modifications due to health

  • "How to" approach crucial conversations

  • Supporting your people with non work related health challenges


Life can feel and look different when you’re not feeling yourself and implementing medical recommendations to get your health back on track can be overwhelming.

Health Coaching offers one on one support for individuals to navigate the challenges of overcoming injury, illness or poor health. This service is specifically focused on improving lifestyle behaviours and creating healthier habits and routines.

Whether it’s connecting you with trusted health practitioners, deciphering medical information, navigating your workers compensation journey or recovering from personal injury or illness - Everyday Ajenda is here to help you. so you don’t have to go it alone.




Have you been battling through workplace health staffing issues on your own or perhaps you’re motivated to turn your claims performance, staff absenteeism and injury workplace culture around? Reach out and connect to tee up an obligation free call today or arrange for Jen to come out and meet you face to face.